Pimms Cup + Anglophile = James Morrison

“You Make It Real For Me” – James Morrison (Never EVER to be confused with America’s legendary Jim Morrison of The Doors)


My mom hates it when i curse.

Ughhh! Been meaning to post a whole bunch lately (I have a lot on my mind), but well, shit get busy sometimes. Plus, I was in no mood to multi-task last night with the awesomeness that is the my Monday night TV line-up–none of which includes sports.

8pm Gossip Girl
8:30pm How I Met Your Mother (I record the second half of Gossip Girl because this show takes priority)
9pm Two and a Half Men
9:30pm Dancing with the Stars (the whole thing is recorded anyway to go back and see what I missed)
10pm One Tree Hill (which was also recorded from it’s original 9pm time slot)

That’s pretty much my Monday night. A night full of cheap and for the most part, sleazy, thrills.

Tonight though, I’m going to have some pre-wisdom teeth extraction fun at Continental. (No restaurant rant review for this place since it ALWAYS meets expectations.)

Never lets you down.

Never lets you down.

I really didn’t want to go out tonight, but the fiance managed to snap me out of it. Then I got to thinking that I could go for a Buzz Aldrin (Tang martini). I thoroughly enjoy slobbering all over the rim of the martini glass (laced with Tang) like two 5th graders making out. Instead I decided that a Pimms Cup is the way to go. Besides, the Buzz Aldrin is 4-seasons appropriate, whereas a Pimms Cup is best had when the weather is nice. Pimms Cup wins.  Looking forward to it!

Drinking like the Brits do. (not Britney)

Drinking like the Brits do. (not Britney)

All this, after yoga of course. Namaste. 😉

“from ’98”

“Ey putana, this one is for you.  Blast from the past.”

i wan’t to do real bad things to you.

Vampires sure make for interesting story plots.  Anyone been watching True Blood?  Yes, it’s such an anti-chick show, but I think I kind of like it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2.0

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2.0

Wall Street Crisis

Still formulating some thoughts on this…should we be scared? Ugh…

Jews, Armenians, Blacks…Whatever

I need to pay my mother a visit.

The weather really sucks today.

Like really, it does.

Gloom, total and utter gloom.

Gloom, total and utter gloom.