Ay Qdoba!!

kevatarThe chicken quesadilla I had at Qdoba last night was so delicious.  Each bite was similar to how Elian Gonzalez must have felt when reuniting with his family.

For a split second I may have been in heaven and it wasn’t just because of my side order of “Nachos con Pollo”…the condensation on the cold window, caused by the steamy grill, formed what looked like the face of Santa Maria.  Coincidence?

Oooh baby, heaven is a place in Qdoba.

Oooh baby, heaven is a place in Qdoba.


Born Again Republican

kevatarSomething happened Tuesday that made me care less about Democratic issues like healthcare, social security, the poor and elderly—- my taxes were raised by 10%.

My city apparently has gone broke and in order to pay for the corruption its government programs, it has fondled my wallet for more cash ($300 more a month to be exact).

Before Tuesday, I was comfortable voting for the socialist political party we call “Democrat”.  But after this recession is over, I’m committing to a party that advocates smaller government and lower taxes.
By adopting more Republican ideologies, the new future I envision for myself seems radically different: My future sons– their children and their children’s children– are wearing polo vests and hunting for quail.  My future daughters are riding horses after having brunch in the courtyard, with their Republican mother.  And my vocabulary has taken a sharp turn— I’m frequently using words like “single-malt”, “synergy” and “sexy” (in describing inanimate objects, like undervalued stocks and complex financial instruments).

Kev's future wife and in-laws.

Kev's future wife and in-laws.

You Can Hate Me Now


Dear America,

I’m Sarah Palin.  Just look at me!!  I’m awesome!!! Did you really think I would go away without so much as putting up a fight?  Nah bitches, Sarah don’t front. Sarah for President 2012! What? Yeahhhh.  My political action committee, SarahPAC, is all up in this place.  Give me your ciz-assshhhh! Sarah is here to school America.  To show you all what is right and RIGHTEOUS.  I’m SARAH FUCKING PALIN!!!!!

What’s that?  You hate Sarah? Well you hate me, I’m gon’ hate you too. It’s as simple as that. Die motherfucker die motherfucker die.  You don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a fuck. Go down any way you want it to go down. Weak, jealous motherfuckers. Fuck y’all!


Sarah Palin

P.S. Please make all contributions to SarahPAC at http://www.sarahpac.com.  Thank you and have a blessed day.


Next Time You Give Us Shit For Being Late…

nor21…or bitchy…or ugly…or reminding you of your mother…etc etc…behold the complexities of being all that is WOMAN.










Boy, That Escalated Quickly

nor21Fox News is reporting that a man named Edward Robinson, 41, has been found guilty of stabbing to death his wife Sarah, 26, when she changed her relationship status to “single” on Facebook.

He then attempted to take his own life after committing such a heinous crime.  Upon being asked why he did it…he simply responded with “it’s complicated.”  Ironic…

Facebook now hazardous to health.

Facebook now hazardous to health.

Ripped From the Headlines

av-phil.jpgThis is not a joke.  This is an actual story from Reuters, which for those of you who don’t know, is a very serious news agency.  Granted, it is from their Oddly Enough section, which usually documents the stranger end of things.

Police in Lagos, Nigeria currently have a goat in custody, on charges of armed robbery.  The accusers, a group of vigilantes who apprehended the suspect, claim they saw two people attempting to steal a car.  “They pursued them. However one of them escaped while the other turned into a goat,” said Kwara state police spokesman Tunde Mohammed.

The Defendant

The Defendant

The goat’s attorney, a Mr. Andrew H. Kizirian of Glendale, California, declined to comment until he had more time to speak with his client directly.

Billy Ray Valentine

kevatarI wonder how this damaged economy has affected fictional characters/brothers Duke and Duke.  Something tells me Billy Ray Valentine is doing just fine.