Squirrel in Shirt? What?

nor21Oh that little Ani J gets herself in all sorts of nutty situations (no pun intended).  Most recently, our critter friend found herself…of all places…in a woman’s shirt.  Upgrade from Hrag’s pocket?  Perhaps.  See for yourself.



Happy 500th Post to Us!!!!

We're so excited!

We're so excited!

Yet another milestone achieved.  If someone asked me where this blog would be on its 500th post, I probably would have stared at that person blankly because never did I think we would come this far.

A big thanks to Philz and Kev for being part of this most unique of staffs.  We are pretty weird.  We get that.  We’re good with it.

And I know we always say this…and we don’t want your head to get all big, but we are here because of YOU!  You guys come here to see what we have to say.  We don’t know why.  But you do.  And again, we’re good with it.

Thank you!!

We were originally going to have you guys vote for your favorite post, but since I’m writing this, I just implemented my editorial rights and decided to present our top 10 favorite posts in these past few months.

Here we go, our favorite 10 in no particular order:

Norak, Philz, and Kev

Hargitay and Meloni Not Going Anywhere

nor21Law & Order: SVU, NBC’s most popular series will be back for its 11th season with its biggest stars, Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni, intact.

The contract extends the show for another year, possibly two, and pays out the two actors more than $400,000 an episode, which also happens to be the price of a decent 2 bedroom/one bath (possibly 1.5 bath) home in the Art Museum section of Philadelphia.  You know, in case you needed to know that.

Anyway, I’m excited.  Excellent show.  One that keeps up the fiance up whenever I put a late night re-run on.  “This show is so damn catchy!”

L-R: Mariska Hargitay, Chris Maloni

L-R: Mariska Hargitay, Chris Meloni

Joe Jackson Promotes Record Label

Some felt it was insensitive and/or opportunistic of Joe Jackson to promote his new record company on CNN (and later on FOX News) yesterday, when the focus should have been on the tragic loss of his son.  What do you think?


This guy is inteeennssseeeee!!…errr….extreeemeeee!!!


Thanks Shanto!

Cool It Britney

nor21We’ve been down this road before.  The rumors of engagement.  The experiments with your hair.  Your lady bit cover-ups going missing.  Stop it.  Just stop it.

Date someone–don’t get engaged.  Stop wearing wigs.  And for all that is holy, please wear a bra.

I’m keeping an eagle eye on you B.

Brit-Brit unveiling her new 'do.

Brit-Brit unveiling her new 'do.

Food Goat: Review of Del Frisco’s (New York)

kevatarIf you walked into Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse on Wednesday night on 6th Ave., you would think you warped back to 1999, when pets.com was a strong “buy”, we were bathing in Evian water and pissing 100 dollar bills.  Despite the recession, my favorite steakhouse was packed, without an empty table in the house.  Here are some highlights/information for a newcomer to this fine establishment:17

Cut recommendation: I’ve never had a server at Del Frisco’s recommend the Prime Strip (for the steak connoisseur, there are far superior choices).  But Prime Strip is a great choice for the person who wants a leaner meat, but doesn’t want to settle for a wimpy filet mignon (which I’ve always viewed as more of a snack, than an actual meal).  For the temperature, I usually go between medium-rare and medium.  I also opt for without the bone (which sacrifices some flavor, is less manly, but makes life easier).

Sides:  The sides you order with your meal are just as important as the steak itself.  I would normally go with creamed spinach and mac and cheese with bacon, but Wednesday night they had a special that we ordered as well.  It was a sweet potato with walnuts and a caramelized exterior (all the great qualities of creme brulee and french fries combined into one food item, but in a non-disgusting way).  To be completely honest though, I felt like throwing up at one point.  Maybe it was because the sweet potato was a little too sweet, or because I was eating it too fast, or because I was switching between too many food groups too fast.  It was still a delicious side though.  No regrets on the choice.

Cost:  The amount you spend varies tremendously on how you handle the situation.  On Wednesday night, we got away with spending $80/person, which is relatively cheap (including the steak, one side per person at the table, dessert, coffee, but no bottles of wine or appetizers).  But we also spent $50/person at the bar while waiting for our table (we had reservations but had to wait about 25 minutes).  If we also ordered bottles of wine and appetizers, it would be closer to $120/person and up (not including the binge drinking at the bar).

There are other noteworthy items, i.e. their crab cake, the great atmosphere, the lemon cake.  The list goes on, but hopefully you will discover these things for yourself (there is also a Philly location @ 15th and Chestnut fyi).  Also, in the coming weeks I will be posting a ranking of my favorite steakhouses in NYC, so please look out for that.