The Week in Pictures: July 23-30’s “The Week in Pictures” includes the picture below, with the caption “Cool plunge:  A Kosovo Albanian boy jumps into the water in the swimming pool near the village of Milosevo on July 25 as the temperature soars above 104 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Cool Plunge


Music Goat: Vampire Rabbit Disco


1) Vampire Weekend, “A-Punk”

2) White Rabbits, “Rudie Fails”

3) Panic at the Disco, “New Perspective”

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend

Jonas Brothers Haunting My Dreams

nor21O.M.G. you guys!  Joe and (possibly) Nick Jonas are on the market again!  I would high 5 a bunch of tweens right now if I knew any.

Although they never confirmed their relationship, the rocker, 19, has been dating actress Camilla Belle, 22, for the past few months soon after his high profile break-up with country-pop star Taylor Swift.  Poor guy, there are reports that he was visibly saddened crying on stage a few nights ago while singing a song he wrote for Belle called “Much Better.”

This news broke maybe two days ago and if I thought I cared, I would have blogged about it sooner.  Alas, the pesky yet lovable brothers managed to creep into the unconscious mind of a grown ass adult while she slept – MINE – two nights in row!  Why?!

I don’t remember much of it, but I’m pretty sure Kevin Jonas, the eldest of the JoBros, was smitten with me.  Sorry soon-to-be Mrs. Kevin Jonas…I assure you I’m not interested!  Besides, I have my very own KzirBro, so thanks, but I’m all set.

If did have my pick of the litter though, I’d be all. up. on. Nick.  Cougar sty…errr…and speaking of Nick, him and Miley Cyrus may have quit before anything started back up.  Apparently she’s been tweeting away about how much she misses a certain someone when listening to John Mayer’s Comfortable. If your name is Justin Gaston and you’re Miley’s ex, that was probably for you.

Kevin, Joe, Nick, Norak?

Kevin, Joe, Nick, Norak?

Awww...not so much anymore.

Awww...not so much anymore.

Cambridge 911 Call That Started It All

The Newest Norak Obsession

If anyone finds version 1 of this clip let us know!

Phil: so thats what youve been doing instead of blogging
nice voice, snorak
i like in the description, where she writes “harpoon the whale comments are clever only so many times”
Norak: my favorite part is where she reminds us not to underestimate the importance of body language
and does a couple of ninja moves
my favorite part was closing the window

I Could Be the Secretary of State

Phil’s piece on May 29th, likening the government of North Korea to a neglected child seeking attention:

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton telling Reuters today that the State Department is going to treat the government of North Korea like neglected children seeking attention:

Extrapolation: The Happy Goat is required daily reading over at the State Department?

QED, bitches!

Hillary and Obama: Secret Conversations at the Mayflower Hotel

kevatarHillary: Nice pitch the other day (Barack ignores her sarcasm).

(The two meet in the private room of the dimly-lit hotel bar/lounge. The star-struck manager comes over and takes their orders.)
Then candidate Obama trying to convince voters he likes beer.

Then candidate Obama trying to convince voters he likes beer.

Barack: I’ll have a Stella.

Hillary: I’m fine with this ice water. (Turns to Barack) You’re not drinking your usual?

Barack: After Politico posted the sparkling wine story, I switched to beer. I’m surprised you didn’t order whiskey.

Hillary: Whiskey’s for the cameras (Winks at Barack, crushing ice in her mouth a la Ferris Bueller. Barack cups his balls under the table).

Barack: I’m sure you saw the CBO report. (He takes a sip of his beer and winces like me drinking Peppermint Schnapps at age thirteen)

Then candidate Clinton trying to convince voters she likes whiskey.

Then candidate Clinton trying to convince voters she likes whiskey.

Hillary: Yeah, you’re screwed… but not because of health care. (Her speech suddenly incorporates a southern twang) When unemployment gets in them double digits, you gotta worry more ‘bout Chuck and Susan down in Indiana turning against you.

Barack: Yeah. (He nervously places an unlit Marlboro Menthol Light in his mouth)

Hillary: Or maybe, if things go real bad, Jim and Larry over at the Upper West Side. (Still speaking in a twang)  They ain’t likin’ you too much lately as it is.

Barack: Why are you talking like that? (He places the cigarette back on the table)

Hillary: Like what? (She drops the accent.)

Barack: Anyway, I’ve had a rough week, you know, first with my teleprompter crashing, then the health care issue, then the pitch not going as well as I hoped.

Hillary: Catching a tough break.

Barack: Please stop. I need a serious favor from you.  I need you to create a distraction… I need you… (leans over the table) to undermine me at your next press conference.  Get reporters’ attention off me and maybe a little more on you.

Hillary: Ha. Let me tell you something. (She leans in, as well, and whispers to the President) I’m not gonna undermine you.  In fact, for at least the next four years, I’m gonna be so supportive, you’re not gonna know what hit you.