Couple Accidentally Buys Real Human Skeleton – AWKWARD.

When Judith and Mitchell Fletcher set out to purchase their Halloween decorations from a local yard sale, they never imagined that they’d end up with the remains of real human being.  This happened to be the case for the couple from Brandon, Fla. when they purchased a box full of scary holiday goodies for $8 – only to find the bones in there when they got home.

After contacting the local authorities, it was determined that these bones came from a professionally prepared human anatomical skeletons, the kind they use in medical courses. 

The real losers in this situation are the Fletchers, who are now $8 out from this whole fiasco.  According to Florida state law, individuals are prohibited from owning human remains.

Meah, see. You'll never take me alive, copper! Meah, meah!


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