NYC Beautiful Hurricane Video Footage

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Throwback: Scorpions, “Rock You Like a Hurricane”

Irene’s Over, Now What?

Some things you can obsess about next:

Beyonce's Pregnancy

Jonah Hill's Weight Loss

The Next Hurricane

Week In Pictures

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Kill The Alarm: “Fire Away”

Lead singer Garen Gueyikian performed an acoustic version of “Fire Away” last night @ Rockwood Music Hall in NYC.  I felt like I robbed the guy… free admission for amazing music.

Buffet Just Snatched Another Slot Machine

Warren Buffet is like that old lady who swoops in when you leave your slot machine defeated.  It seems the Oracle of Omaha just made ~$3 billion in one day injecting cash into Bank of America.  Read it @ Chicago Tribune.

That Bitch Irene

It’s like the ex who you think may or may not be at your friend’s birthday party this weekend.  For now though, she’s just taunting you, keeping you guessing.  Update on Irene @ Businessweek.