Challenge Yourself This Week: Ask for Free Things

This week, whenever you get to the Starbucks counter or the bar or the sandwich shop, ask for something free: a free scone or a free round of shots or a free side of slaw.

The more times you ask, the more free stuff you will get.  If you ask correctly, you should have at least a 15% success rate.  How do you ask correctly?: 1) Smile, 2) Talk slowly, 3) Make sure the other patrons aren’t listening (they will get jealous), 4) Be charming, 5) Don’t be a douche.

Please comment on this post once you’ve asked for free things and let us know if it worked.  We’d love your feedback.


2 Responses

  1. I ask for free shots at the bar all the time. 94% success rate.

  2. Well played, Knarnia!

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