Countdown Eurozone: Approaching Greece’s Fate

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GOP Nomination Update

Did you hear? Pawlenty endorsed Romney.  Yeah, we don’t care either.  Also, there’s a GOP debate tonight in Florida (CNN).  Bachmann’s gotta perform a lot better than September 7 (clip below sponsored by Ambien) to stay in this race:

Week In Pictures

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Gaddafi Says Leaving Lair Was a “Tactical Move”

… according to Reuters.  On a related note, 50 cent said he wanted to stay in the ghetto but…

Karma to S&P: Bitch

Read about it here.

Obama to America: “I Have a Solution for This Crisis…

… but I’ll let you know the plan after Labor Day.”

McCain: U.S. Should’ve Booted Gadhafi Sooner

Per The Hill: “Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) praised the end of the Gadhafi regime in Libya on Sunday but criticized U.S. leadership for not removing Libya’s leader more quickly.”

On a related note, it takes McCain 4 hours to reach his upstairs bedroom.

McCain and Graham: Best Buds