Ask the Editors: Is My Boss Crazy?

Reader’s Question: It was really quiet at one point today and my manager said, “I am a gypsy,” under his breath… with no context whatsoever.  Is he crazy?

Editor’s Answer: The context doesn’t matter in this case; either way he’s clinically crazy.  Who says that?  Find a new job.

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Ask the Editors: Should I Feel Bad About…

Reader’s Question: Somehow my contacts from Gmail got loaded into my Linked In account, including my ex’s, whose job title/company popped up on my screen.  Out of curiosity, I then checked out the average base salary for his position @ and realized I now make over twice as much as he does.  It made me feel so good inside…  I’m talking the peak-of-your-Vegas-weekend good.  Should I feel bad about that?

Editor’s Answer: No, you should feel amazing.  Well done.

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Reflections on Labor Day Weekend: It’s Better…

… to make bad impressions than no impressions at all.

Cheney Hearts Hillary

Read it here.

GOP Nomination Update

Did you hear? Pawlenty endorsed Romney.  Yeah, we don’t care either.  Also, there’s a GOP debate tonight in Florida (CNN).  Bachmann’s gotta perform a lot better than September 7 (clip below sponsored by Ambien) to stay in this race:

“You’re a hater, and you’re just unattractive inside”

If you run into her, should you run away or play dead?  FYI, she was fined a mere $2k; that’ll show her.

Paul Simon @ Ground Zero