Countdown Eurozone: Approaching Greece’s Fate

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Happy Birthday Barack!

kevatar(Michelle, Barack and their two girls are finishing up dinner at Martha’s Vineyard.)

Barack: (Turns to Michelle) Is there dessert?barack

Michelle: I don’t know… did you finish your vegetables.

Barack: Yes.  It’s my birthday, is there any cake?

Michelle: I don’t know… did you finish fixing the economy?

Barack: Yes, didn’t you hear? GDP’s supposed to go up 1% next quarter. I want some cake… you can’t have a birthday without cake.

Michelle: (She shakes her head) 1% is not enough… you need at least 3% to make unemployment go down.  So did you–really– finish fixing the economy?

Barack: I guess not yet.

Michelle: Fix the economy and then we’ll have some cake.