Ask The Editors: Mass Workplace Exodus?

Reader’s Question: I know there are at least two people (out of 20) quitting my team NEXT WEEK and there may be more in the pipeline.  I don’t wanna be left in the dust and I think I should make a move too.  There’s also a hiring freeze at my company and any left over work will have to be redelegated to the rest of us.  I already work late hours; what should I do?

Editor’s Answer: If you haven’t already, you should start aggressively looking for a new job.  It’s clear that somethings going on at your work that people don’t like OR there are greater opportunities out there causing people to leave.  Remember, if you’re lucky enough to get another job offer, it doesn’t mean you actually have to take it.  Job hunting only works in your favor: 1) It acts as a good insurance policy in case things get really bad, 2) It may allow you to negotiate your salary up if you can score a higher paying job.