Why Goat?

People have been asking: Why goat?

My response has been: Why not a goat?

But after much consideration, I have decided to throw you all a bone and explain why exactly thehappygoat.com is what it is.

Wikipedia describes the behavior of a goat as being a curious and intelligent creature. That said, it should come as no surprise that the goat can easily be housebroken. When they aren’t busy eating anything that comes their way, they are notorious for doing mischievous things like escaping their pens. Goats will test fences, either unintentionally or simply to fuck with you and the fence.

Interestingly enough, the character of a goat strongly parallels a type of female subspecies of humans, Norus Domesticus Blogæ. Dr. Scanthony Biff VonDeese explains that the Norus has curious tendencies of its surroundings and often comments or quips on issues that are objectively irrelevant, extracting the brilliance from an otherwise pointless subject. As for her diet, the Norus will gorge on anything in her line of vision that is relatively possible for human consumption.

VonDeese also points out that the Norus Domesticus Blogæ, while making an excellent companion, is rambunctious by nature and can never maintain residence in one place. She makes up for the flaw in character by easily being housebroken.

Currently locked up in Philadelphia.

Norus Domesticus Blogæ is currently locked up in Philadelphia.


4 Responses

  1. one of these days when i download my Armenia videos on my computer I will share with you very entertaining goat escaping from their pens we experienced in Armenia…

  2. On behalf of the scientific community, I denounce this blog and its innacurate description of the “Norus Domesticus Blogæ”. The author has obviously left out several of the main traits of this rarely seen but often smelt species. They include –

    1. Flatulence
    2. Attraction to pumpkin scented potpourris and candles
    3. Its natural habitat – the urban jungles of Comcastia
    4. Symbiotic parasitic relationship with species Jimbos Hotstylicus Executivæ

    For further details, please refer to a peer reviewed journal on this subject.

  3. why goat? one word, FETA.
    often good with dolma, or a greek salad.

  4. Doesn’t everyone gloat???

    in all seriousness, I believe Norus Domesticus Blogæ should someday write a book on the virtues of living the urban jungles of Comcastia, her scrumptious relationship with Jimbos Hotstylicus Executivæ, and finally put Dr. Scanthony Biff VonDeese in his rightful place….on the corporate board of a soon-to-be defunct AYF-YOARF.

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